This is a compilation of projects I have worked on for various clients over the years.

Collaborating with the Creative Director and lead animator I handled all the set designs and lighting. I assembled the forest shots with existing assets. I modeled, textured and handled the hair setup for the caterpillar. I modeled and textured the cave. I did the “pine cone fall” effect and I assisted in the setup for the hair dynamics on the ground hog.

Modeled and textured all of the people, the trucks and a few of the minor assets like the fishing rods and fish.

I handled the initial concept, modeling, texturing, lighting and animation.

I did everything except the animation of the maracas.

Co-Directed project. Concept, Look Development and lighting, Camera animation and 8mm camera model and texture.

This was all me in Maya and Maxwell Render.

Did everything except final Composite.

Modeled and textured character from provided concept art.

Created everything in the two 3D clips except for the 2D walking character.

Created everything except the sound.

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